1981-02-06 Brady's, Liverpool, England, UK

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Stevo Pearce from the Some Bizzare label had spread around some advertisements billing ten concert dates of 'Some Bizzare Evenings' in January 1981 (see photo 1 below). The advertisements list the acts/bands on the Some Bizzare compilation album, followed by: "Different bands on different nights. Check venue for details." It is said that out of these ten concerts, Depeche Mode only played at 1981-02-03 Limit Club, Sheffield, England, UK. However, a 'February Gigs [1981]' list of club Brady's in Liverpool has appeared online, saying that for February 6th there would be a 'Some Bizarre Tour' there that night, listing: "Depesche Mode [sic], Eric Random, B-Movie, Illustration" (see photo 2 below). This means that there was a small chance that Depeche Mode may have played there that night. However, there is no further evidence other than this 'February Gigs' list so we don't know for certain if they played there or not. If you have attended this concert and know if Depeche Mode played there that night, please let us know.