1994-08-27 Reading Festival, Reading, UK

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Primal Scream, who had been a support act for Depeche Mode, performed at the Reading Festival on this day. Dave Gahan travelled from Los Angeles to London not only to celebrate London's Notting Hill Carnival, nor only to attend an "UnLedded" Led Zeppelin TV special, but also to attend Martin Gore's wedding... followed by jumping on stage with Primal Scream. Dave Gahan played harmonica during one of their songs, called 'Loaded'. This performance is all over YouTube.

N.B.: Kristin Chalberg of Sire/Warner Records who attended Martin's wedding reported on the internet at the time that Dave (and Andy and Alan) had been present at the wedding and all the wedding guests including Martin and his then-wife went to the Reading Festival together, and Martin even went on stage during Primal Scream's performance as well to say a few words.