2007-10-2x Interface, Spinner.com, AOL Studios, NYC, NY, USA

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In the week of the release of 'Hourglass', Dave did many interviews and promotional events. One of them was a short "gig" on a show named 'Interface' where artists are asked to perform stripped-down versions of their songs for the now-defunct site www.spinner.com. Spinner was property of AOL Music and so the performance took place in AOL's studios situated on Broadway, New York. The performance was uploaded on November 15th, 2007 as video files on Spinner's site, which could only be accessed if the viewer had an IP address from the U.S.A. The upload on the site went down about a year after, and in 2013, the whole site was shut down. Luckily, fans have uploaded it on YouTube, for example here:

Dave Gahan also did an interview afterwards, which you can watch here.

Band line-up:

  • Dave Gahan: Vocals
  • Christian Eigner: Drums
  • Martyn LeNoble: Bass
  • Graham Finn: Guitar
  • Andrew Phillpott: Keys & sequences
  • Kurt Uenala: Roland SH101


  1. Saw Something
  2. Kingdom
  3. Deeper And Deeper
  4. Use You
  5. Endless
  6. A Little Lie
  7. Miracles