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Depeche Mode Live Wiki launched on January 27, 2014 with the goal of providing as much information as possible about Depeche Mode's extensive live career, which spans over three decades and counting. Our goal is to offer all circulating recordings from each tour to stream and download free of charge. We would be glad to digitize and share any Depeche Mode (and solo members') recordings you may have of any quality, both here on the wiki and DIME, whether the recording is on audio cassette, DAT, MiniDisc, 8mm / Hi8, or PAL & NTSC (S)VHS; see Contributing for more information. We invite anybody to help contribute, whether it be with information, ticket scans / photos, or recordings! If you are interested in the equipment at our disposal for transferring recordings, please see the Equipment page.

This site was partially inspired by Reflecting In The Chrome, an archival site of live recordings for Nine Inch Nails run by Ryan Jonik. Many thanks to Ryan for his terrific archive, for lending his insight and advice into running an archive, and for his contribution of a Sony MDS-S707 MiniDisc deck. Live Nirvana and Linkin Park Live were also influences for this project.

Thanks to Ronny for helping to initially populate the wiki and for contributing site artwork, the domain name (along with CPR's original ownership of the domain), ticket scans, and general help with cleaning up images. Also thanks to Angelinda for her massive and continuous contributions to the Interviews section and for her contributions to other Depeche Mode fan websites, listed on her user page.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Ryan Mayer (LilKing22 on DIME), who passed away much too soon on July 9, 2014. I hope he rests in peace, enjoying all of the best Depeche Mode live recordings he could ever want.

The Depeche Mode Live Wiki is hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS. If you are interested in using Digital Ocean to host your own website or service, I would appreciate it if you signed up using this referral link as I will receive a $10 credit which apply directly toward my hosting costs. You will also receive $10 credit via this link. The torrent seedbox and stream server is hosted by BuyVM for a very reasonable price.

Want to donate to support my monthly server hosting costs? Check out my Patreon. I sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Torrent tracker software is provided by opentracker. Some utilities used to assist in my workflow of preparing and adding recordings to the wiki were coded by qaisjp. Immense thanks to Qais for making this task infinitely easier! The tools are open-source and are available on Github.

We take security very seriously, which is why the entire site is accessed over an encrypted, secure connection following the latest standards and best configuration practices. This site earns an "A+" rating at Qualys SSL Labs and an "A+" rating at

The wiki scores highly for Internet Archive readiness as well, but rest assured that there are no plans of disappearing!