1987-12-12 My Top 10 With Andy Peebles, BBC Radio 1, London, UK

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On May 26th 1987, Andy Peebles met Dave Gahan at the TV Rock Festival in Montreux and he asked Dave to pick his top 10 favourite tracks/artists, which Dave must have done around September of 1987. In 2007, this interview was retrieved from the archives by BBC Radio 6 and not only rebroadcasted but also uploaded as a podcast on their site. And then in 2011 the same thing was broadcast/uploaded again. Thanks to Bias for having downloaded it off BBC6's site in 2007 as a FLAC file and sending it to us. The songs have been cut out in the re-upload.

  • Duration: 30:17 out of 1:00:01 minutes


  • 01 The Damned: New Rose
  • 02 Motörhead: Overkill
  • 03 The Cure: A Forest
  • 04 Echo & The Bunnymen: Rescue
  • 05 Pink Military: Did You See Her?
  • 06 Thomas Leer: Monochrome Days
  • 07 Simple Minds: I Travel
  • 08 Roxy Music: In Every Dream Home A Heartache
  • 09 The Doors: Break On Through
  • 10 Talk Talk: Living In Another World