1991-07-20 Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England

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Martin and Andy from The Sexist Boys


BONG magazine issue #15 reported:

As you no doubt know, both Martin and Fletch celebrated their 30th birthdays in July. A party was held in a Marquee in Martin's garden. The highlight of the party was a musical set by "The Sexist Boys" - a '70's glam rock band, composing Martin Gore and Wayne Hussey[1] from The Mission, Robert Marlow, Roy White and Dave from King of Fools, and ex Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, Stephen Irvine. "The Sexist Boys" repertoire includes "Hello Hello - I'm Back Again" (Gary Glitter), "Dancing Queen" (Abba), and "20th Century Boy" (T-Rex) among other gems from the glitter-age of the '70's. There were plenty of guest appearances from the audience - notably Andy Fletcher - and the proverbial good time was had by all.

A man named Roy White claims on Facebook to have a VHS recording of this performance, but so far no trace of this has appeared online.


  1. Wayne told Steve Malins that Martin Gore and Wayne Hussey met when Wayne's band The Mission and DM both performed at the San Remo festival in February 1990, as a glam rock tribute band called The Metal Gurus. Martin loves glam rock so a year later he asked Hussey to play glam rock songs at his birthday party. Hussey got him a signed photo by Gary Glitter for his birthday. In 2002, The Mission released a single called "Shine Like The Stars", of which the B-side was a cover of "Never Let Me Down Again". And in 2016, Wayne Hussey asked Martin to sing backing vocals on a song called "Only You And You Alone" from The Mission's album "Another Fall from Grace".